Watch Out! There’s A New Android Trojan Horse About

Oh, look! A trojan.

Oh, look! A wild trojan.

Trojan horses have been the main weakness of the Android operating system ever since its release. However, there’s a new trojan lurking in the wind and Kaspersky claim this is the most sophisticated trojan for smartphone devices yet and possibly the worst.

This latest sophisticated malware scare, is known as Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a. The trojan infects the handsets of vulnerable and unsuspecting users, it then begins to duplicate itself, install additional malware, distribute malicious software to other phones via Bluetooth, perform remote commands in the Android console, all whilst racking up enormous charges to premium-rate phone numbers.

Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a hides behind a replicata code of a section of the Android OS and takes full advantage of a number of loop holes in Android 4.2.1 and all previous versions of Android.

According to Kaspersky, its experts are having an incredibly hard time tracking down and eradicating the malware. Once the trojan is installed, it provides itself with Device Administrator privileges and hides behind a copious amount of code making it close to impossible to delete this incredibly malicious trojan.

Despite the severity of this Backdoor trojan horse, it has been distributed in a very limited way so as of yet not many people have it! This may be the perfect opportunity to catch and remove the problem before it spreads.

Kaspersky has informed Google of the malicious malware, and it is reported that the companies will be working around the clock to remove the problem.