The Best Digitized Boardgame on iOS Finally Comes to Android



Days of Wonder’s horribly addictive Ticket to Ride has been a massive success ever since its launch on the iPad years ago; in fact, it’s probably one of a small handful of games that are actually better in digitized format on a tablet’s screen than the physical board games they’re modeled after (Wired’s Geekmom has an interesting comparo of the two versions).

And now, almost exactly two years after it debuted on the iPad, it’s available for Android. Days of Wonder, what took you so long?

For those new to Ticket to Ride, games are quick (a two-player game can be played in as little as five minutes), tense battles that tend to favor those who’re good at both planning and flexibility. Like all great games, it’s simple to learn but difficult to master.

Playing against the game’s AI is fine (you can choose between four different AI skill levels) but the game really shines when played against actual people — and the Android version lets you play against almost every platform the game is published on: PC and Mac (Steam versions) or the iPad. Unfortunately, there’s no hotseat pass-and-play mode so you can play opponents in the same room with you; hopefully DoW will address this void soon.

Ticket to Ride is $7; a bit steep, but — assuming no surprises and action just like the iOS version — worth every penny.