Facebook Home Updated With New Dock Feature

Facebook Home

Facebook has begun pushing out a new update to Facebook Home. This release brings a brand new dock feature, which in short, enables users to easily select which applications they would like to access quickly from their home screen.

Once you have selected the applications you would like easy access to, Facebook Home will create a fixed-dock at the bottom of your screen — just like the docks you’re already used to on your Android smartphone.

Beware, however, because it seems like the update brings quite a nasty bug. We’ve heard complaints that when some users went to install and try out the latest update, it appeared that all previously supported devices were no longer compatible. This includes the previously supported HTC One, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II.

This could be a minor bug that Facebook will sweep under the carpet by quickly bringing out another update to fix it. But in the meantime, it looks like anyone wanting to try out the new update will be out of luck – unless you’re running a Galaxy S3.

Since this update has been rolled out through the Facebook application and staged rollouts seem to be the norm at the moment, compatibility may not be there as the official update has not completed rollout on all devices yet.

Facebook also added some new features for users; in addition to the new docking feature, users can now decide privacy settings for new posts, including pictures. This is great as now you can select which of your friends/followers you’d like to see each post.

Facebook has also given users the ability to add multiple photos to a single message, in conjunction with adding some more stability fixes for Facebook home; contributing to making it an overall better launcher to use on your device.