Jelly Bean Now Powers 33% Of All Android Devices

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Google has announced the latest distribution numbers of the Android operating system over a 14-day period ending on June 3. The figures show a consistent growth in the number of Android users running Jelly Bean, while older versions of the operating system, including Ice Cream Sandwich, continue to die out.

The figures show that Jelly Bean has moved up to 33%, which is a 4.6% increase over last month’s 28.4%.

These figures also show that the amount of users running Ice Cream Sandwich has decreased from last month’s 27.5% to 25.6%. This is probably due to most Android users upgrading from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean.

It appears that Honeycomb is holding 0.1% of the Android market. However, Eclair (1.5%) and Froyo (3.2) have decreased slightly. It’s a shame that both of these versions of the Android operating system will inevitably become extinct soon, but it is about time.

Donut is already on the verge of extinction, holding only 0.1% of the Android market.

May’s distribution numbers can be seen below:


The most obvious change between May and June is the significant increase of Jelly Bean users (4.6% increase) and the decrease in Gingerbread users (2% decrease).