The Average American Spends An Hour A Day On Their Smartphone [Report]


Rather surprisingly, the average American only spends a mere 58 minutes per day on their smartphone, according to a recent study done on a handful of American smartphone users, conducted by Experian Marketing Services.

26% of their 58 minutes was used on calls, which I find slightly surprising considering all of the contact alternatives we have nowadays, such as instant messaging, email, and video calling.


Text messaging ranked the second most popular activity, taking up 20% of the 58 minutes, This is understandable, but it would have been interesting to see how much time people actually spent using instant messaging platforms.

Social networking usage closely followed texting, ranking at 15% of the average American’s 58 minutes.

Web browsing ranked in 14% and email ranked in at a slightly disappointing 9%, considering the main purpose of a smartphone used to be email.

It certainly seems like the average American enjoys playing a game or two on their smartphone, as 8% of their daily 58 minutes was spent playing games.

Finally, it appears that the average American enjoys completing different tasks on their smartphone, whether it’s typing a document or updating their calendar, both of which come under the banner ‘other’, which ranked in at a steady 9%.

I know that I certainly spend more than an hour per day on my smartphone, and a high percentage of that time is spent reading or composing Emails amongst other things, but chatting on a phone call comes in pretty low on my daily percentage.

How do you use your smartphone?