New Samsung Handset Passes Through Bluetooth SIG


Back in April, Samsung announced two new super-sized smartphones called the Galaxy Mega — one of which had a 5.8-inch display, the other a 6.3-inch display. Following the announcement, fans suggested that the devices were far too big to be used as every day smartphones, and there was some speculation about whether Samsung would actually launch them.

We’re still yet to see them, but it appears one just passed through the Bluetooth SIG on its way to market.

On Wednesday, May 9, Samsung filed a Bluetooth SIG test for a device, however, it gave away very little information; all we have is the model number “SPH-L600.” We can confirm that is a Samsung LTE handset, bound to U.S. carrier Sprint.

A reliable source gave fans reason to believe that this is the Galaxy Mega 6.3, as the model number is a description that only the Galaxy Mega 6.3 fits. We know that this isn’t the Galaxy Note III, as the Note II had the model number SPH-L900 on Sprint, so it would make no sense for a successor to have a lower model number.

Samsung has kept its cards close to its chest in terms of what carriers the Mega devices will be heading to, but we do know it will be definitely heading to Three U.K., and now we have some information that indicates it will be heading to a U.S. carrier, too.