Fleksy Keyboard Beta Now Available To Download On Android [Video]


Whether you use one or not, third-party keyboards are a very popular customization feature on Android, and there’s a mind0boggling amount of choices available to download through Google Play. However, there’s now a new kid on the block which will almost certainly to catch your eye. It’s called Fleksy.

The development team (Syntellia Inc.) claim that looking at your keyboard to type is no longer a requirement of your everyday life, as its new keyboard application delivers a more natural typing experience.

Fleksy relies solely on predictions and autocorrections, so it doesn’t matter if you’re the worst typer on Earth; the application comes loaded with super smart autocorrection analysis to correct all of your mistakes. Check out the trailer below:


As you can see, Fleksy can easily predict what you’re trying to type before you’ve even typed it — so if you make a countless number of mistakes, Fleksy will be able to type the sentence your were meaning to input in the first place.

Fleksy also increases productivity of your everyday life, hence, you don’t have to spend as much time worrying about what your typing, instead you can spend more time focusing on other tasks at hand.

If you like the look of Flexy, be sure to head on over to their Google + page to register for the beta, then hit the source link below to download the beta application.