App Stats For Android Beta Now Available To Download In Google Play


Any Android developer would agree that there is only one major flaw with Google’s current developer console – it’s lacking ability to give developers a snapshot of their application’s performance. Whilst some statistics are available to developers, there are no short reports available to view; instead you have to go through a long process to receive a minimal amount of statistics.

Cloud.TV have been working behind the scenes to develop an application that’s capable of providing statistics of any application on the Play Store. The application is still in beta, so there’s still a few issues that need sorting out – but from what I can see App Stats is a very promising app.

The design of App Stats is very similar to the Play Store, allowing the user to scroll across the My Apps, Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid and Top New Free tabs, to locate and discover statistics about a specific application. However, if you want to search for a specific application, just hit the plus button in the top right, then enter your applications name and select the application to add to your portfolio.

Once you have added applications to your ‘My Apps’ section, you will see a neatly organised list containing the following information: Application Title, Application Version, Application Icon, Overall Rating, Today’s Rating, Number of Ratings Today, Overall Application Rank, Overall Number of Downloads – you will also be able to download a graph displaying all of this information. Pretty useful if you’re an application developer, to track the progress of your application.

This application is designed solely for application developers, not consumers – therefore you probably won’t care to download the application, unless you enjoy looking at the progress of applications in the Play Store. Also, please note that this application is still in its beta series, so its more than likely to have a few bugs, somewhere down the line.

So if you are an application developer, or enjoy looking at the progress of applications in the Play Store, be sure to hit the source link below to download the application.