Google Introduces New Nutritional Info Cards To Google Now


Last night, Google announced on its blog that it would be introducing an exciting new search feature for Google Now. The feature will highlight nutritional information, which will be displayed in the traditional card interface, and will provide users with drop-down menus where you can adjust the criteria of your search.

Google claims its new nutritional information cards will work with over 1,000 different fruits, vegetables, meals and meats, right from the launch. The nutritional information cards are only available to use if you’re based in the U.K. at present, however the functionality will be rolling out to U.S. users over the next 10 days.

One example of the new nutritional information cards is searching Google Now for ‘how many carbs are in corn?’, within seconds Google Now will co-ordinate the following response; ‘there are 65g of carbohydrates in 76g of corn bran’. The response is also shown in the traditional card format, with an interactive drop-down menu, so you can alter your search criteria – this can be seen in the screenshot below.

If you’re wondering how Google’s search feature works… The new search feature is powered by Google’s famous Knowledge Graph. Knowledge Graph is designed to integrate contextual information into search, linking connections between topics.