Google Play Music All Access For iOS To Launch In Few Weeks


Google just announced its new subscription music service – Google Play Music All Access – at Google I/O a few weeks ago. The Android app was ready to go as soon as the service was announced, but according to Google Chrome and Android Chief, Sundar Pichai, an iOS app will quickly follow.

At the D11 conference this morning, Pichai was asked about the company’s work on making their services available on other platforms, even though companies like Apple don’t write apps for Android. Pichai then announced that

Pichai had the following to say:

Walt: You do these cross-platform things. Apple ports nothing over to you — though Tim Cook did say the other night that he wouldn’t rule out writing an Android app, which I’d never heard.

Pichai: They did write iTunes for Windows. In Google’s DNA, we wanted to be universally accessible. The goal with search was to make it work for everyone in the world, and I think that philosophy extends today. We brought Google Now to iOS. A couple weeks from now we will launch Google Play Music All Access for iOS, the teams are working like crazy to do it.