Amazon Announces New ‘Login With Amazon’ Service


Last night, Amazon followed the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and others when the company announced it would be joining the single sign-in service, with its new ‘Login with Amazon’ feature. Login with Amazon will enable internet users to sign into other websites using their Amazon credentials.

This service has been offered by many other internet companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, AIM, Yahoo and more – however, Amazon is extending its single sign-in service to application developers and website owners, so that the website owners and application developers can integrate their products, which effectively makes it easier for users to login without making a new login and password, for that specific website.

Login with Amazon offers its users the opportunity to choose the parts of their account to share with each authenticated application or website, ensuring your personal details are kept secure and only shared with the websites and applications you choose. Login with Amazon makes it super easy to get started with a new service, in fact it only takes a few clicks and the entry of your Amazon credentials – and then you’re all ready to go!

Obviously, its Amazon’s goal to have as many people signed into their Amazon accounts on any website with the Login with Amazon functionality – so if they see a product they like, they’re instantly ready to shop. That’s why Login with Amazon is free to install for developers, and according to Amazon it is fairly easy to install to your websites and applications.

Login with Amazon also offers a lot more, to see the full list of features that it provides its users with, be sure to check out the press release below.

Login with Amazon is the latest offering in an array of services that make Amazon the most complete end-to-end ecosystem for developers building, monetizing and marketing their apps and games. These capabilities include:

  • The ability for app developers to use Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) technology platform for their infrastructure needs. Building blocks such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon DynamoDB allow developers to focus on what differentiates their app rather than the undifferentiated heavy lifting of infrastructure.
  • GameCircle, which includes capabilities like Achievements, Leaderboards, Friends and Whispersync for syncing games across devices, and leads to better engagement with games.
  • In-App Purchasing on Kindle Fire, Mac, PC and web-based games. This enables developers to offer items in their apps and games while allowing their end users to simply use their Amazon accounts to make the purchase.
  • A/B Testing, which helps developers improve app functionality with the ability to simultaneously test two different in-app experiences to determine which is more successful prior to launching to a broad audience.
  • Game Connect, which lets developers list their virtual goods for sale on Amazon, increasing discoverability of their games and making the purchase of virtual goods as easy and convenient as possible for customers, leading to increased monetization for developers.
  • Amazon AppStore submission for distribution to nearly 200 countries globally enables developers to reach millions of Amazon customers worldwide.

Would you use Login with Amazon, over Facebook, Twitter or another single sign-in service?