If You Have An iPhone, You Spend An Average Of 5% Of Your Day On It


If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re probably glued to it; if you use an Android device, you probably neglect it, at least comparatively. That’s the obvious conclusion to be drawn by new data that shows that iPhone users spend an additional 26 minutes on their smartphone per day than your average Android owner.

Here’s how it breaks down. While Android smartphone users spend an average of 49 minutes per day on their device, iPhone owners spend 55% longer on their device. That’s an hour and fifteen minutes per day: 5% of the entire day.

And the way iPhone users use their phones are different too. Android users are way more likely to make a physical phone call, while iPhone users are all about the texting, the emailing, and the social networking.

Weirdly, though, Android users spend a lot more time browsing the web. I wonder if that’s because Android smartphones have bigger screens on average than iPhones? That’s certainly what I would guess: any of you guys have any theories?