EE Announces New 30-Day SIM-Only Plans For Smartphones


EE is currently the United Kingdom’s only 4G LTE network – it launched back in July 1 2010, under the name Everything Everywhere, which the management team decided to shorten to EE in September 2012. EE thrives on providing super fast 4G LTE internet to customers based in the UK, and starting today it launched its first 30-day SIM-only plans for smartphones.

The new 30-day SIM only plans allow people to use EE’s network without committing to a year-long contract – which is particularly useful if you’re waiting for a new phone to come out, or you are happy with your existing phone and you don’t want to sign into a lengthy new contract for a new one.

The 30-day plans are divided up by data allowance, similar to the way EE divides its 12-month plans. All plans currently come with unlimited calls and text, in addition to having full tethering access.

Each of the 30-day plans will cost you £2 more per month, than the equivalent 12-month plan – this is the same with most other 30-day plans, as it is a strategy used by networks to convince customers to engage in a 12-month plan instead.

If you look below you will see the full list of 30-day plans that EE have to offer, taken directly from their website.

£23 per month for 500MB
£28 per month for 1GB
£33 per month for 3GB
£38 per month for 5GB
£43 per month for 8GB
£63 per month for 20GB

EE’s 30-day SIM only plans are available to purchase now – so if you want to register and pick up a 30-day SIM only sim, head on over to EE’s website by hitting the source link below.

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