Qualcomm Snapdragon BatteryGuru Application Now Out Of Beta


Do you own a device equipped with a Qualcomm processor? If so, how do you fancy squeezing just a little bit more battery life from it? Qualcomm has released a new application to help you fully utilize every last drop of power from your battery.

You may think that many battery help applications don’t really help at all, well, while that may be true for a few, there are some out there which really do your battery a world of good.

Qualcomm’s BatteryGuru works by limiting the amount of times applications refresh themselves in the background, effectively saving you precious battery life. This is all well and good, but many users would prefer to adjust their battery voltage or processing speed, to conserve battery life; however, this option has been reserved for users who wish to root their devices.

Qualcomm claim that their BatteryGuru application studies the way you use your device, and tailors your settings around your requirements, optimizing your battery life without sacrificing the required functionality your device has to offer.

As you can see from the video above, the BatteryGuru application also manages your WiFi – turning it on and off when necessary. Believe it or not, WiFi drains a lot of battery power, so it’s very useful to turn it off regularly, as it will help you to conserve a lot of battery power.

If your device has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, be sure to hit the source link below to download the BatteryGuru application, directly from the Play Store. In my opinion, it’s a must have application.