ASUS Announces Computex 2013, Teases New Product That Will ‘Move’ You


This week, ASUS promoted its hit technology conference, Computex, on Google+. However, the company didn’t give much information away; all it posted was a promotional picture and the caption “It’ll move you.” Now we all want to know what that means.

The first thing that springs to mind when we think of the caption is the announcement of a new phone and tablet, much like other Computex events — but this time it’s different. ASUS hasn’t provided us with any information on what to expect, so for now we’re left in the dark… and there’s no light switch nearby.

ASUS Pitch

The image (pictured above) posted on ASUS’s Google+ post, displays a circular metallic surface with the ASUS logo clearly fixed in the centre of the product – however it’s extremely hard to make out what the product is, my guess is that it’s new tablet as the circular metallic surface is similar to the pattern on the back of ASUS’s Transformer Prime TF201 tablet.

This years Computex event will take place on June 4 – June 8 and ASUS will reveal all, but for now we’re just speculating as to what will be revealed.

What do you think is shown in the picture? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.