Galaxy S4 Compatible TecTiles NFC Tags On Sale


On Friday evening, Samsung announced the availability of its second generation TecTiles NFC tags. TecTiles are tiny writable NFC tags, that can be programmed to trigger various actions on a smartphone, and now they’re compatible with the Galaxy S4.

The TecTiles are compatible with all NFC-enabled Samsung smatphones, and the Korean company claims they could potentially work on other Android smatphones, with NFC capabilities. Not much has changed between the first and second generation of TecTiles – in fact, the only thing that has changed is that TecTiles 2 are fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

NFC tags can be used to trigger a wide variety of different actions and functions on a smartphones. If the TecTiles 2 NFC tags are used with Samsung’s TecTiles application, you can programme the tags to toggle various settings when scanned, for example if you scan a NFC tag by your front door, you could set the tag to toggle WiFi and Bluetooth off – therefore you will not be wasting battery power, when you’re out on the move.

You can purchase the TecTiles 2 tags as of today, from Samsung’s online store, retailing at $15 for a pack of five. You should begin to see TecTiles 2 tags available in retail stores as soon as June.

If you’re considering purchasing TecTiles, why not download the application and have a look around? You can do so by hitting the source link below, and if you wish to purchase TecTiles 2, be sure to visit Samsung’s online store.