Google I/O Hunt Now Available To Download On Play Store


Google have been secretly developing an application to accompany spectators at it’s latest press conference – Google I/O 2013. The purpose of the application is to provide spectators with some fun and games whilst exploring the Moscone Center, in-between Keynotes and Developer Sessions.

The application is called ‘Google I/O Hunt’ and is free to download in the Play Store, the application enables attendees of this years conference to have some fun exploring the Moscone Center. The purpose of the application is to navigate around the Moscone Center to try and locate ‘Alex the Android Dog’, much like a scavenger hunt.

Whilst using this application, during your travels, you’ll have to answer Google trivia questions and scan hidden NFC tags to uncover clues and unlock achievements, sounds like a lot of fun and games! Personally, I think it’s great to see Google providing some light entertainment for this years Google I/O attendees, and hope to see it continue in the future.

If you reach the end of the hunt, you can claim a prize while supplies last – so there’s your incentive to compete in the Hunt! Who knows what the prize is? It may be a brand new Chromebook Pixel!

Obviously, you won’t be able to play if you’re not at Google’s I/O event, however I’m sure a fair few readers are at the event, so here’s your chance to see what Google have to offer. Just a heads up, the Google I/O Hunt starts from the Google+ Office Hour booth – enjoy!

If you’re at Google’s I/O event, be sure to download the ‘Hunt’ application by hitting the source link below, to be taken directly to the Play Store.