Fitbit Adds Bluetooth Sync Support For Samsung Galaxy S4 In Update


Whilst we await the release of Android 4.3, some application developers have begun to optimize their apps to work on Bluetooth 4.0. Fitbit is the latest company to optimize their app for Bluetooth 4.0, and now it’s available to download on Android… more specifically the Samsung Galaxy S4.

On Wednesday evening, Google announced that their latest version of Android, 4.3, will feature ‘Low Bluetooth Energy Support’, and all of the major companies have taken it upon themselves to update their applications to function correctly on Bluetooth 4.0.

Fitbit has added support for the Galaxy S4, which will allow synchronization between Fitbit devices and the application on the phone. Fitbit claims that custom development work is needed for individual smartphones, however its obvious that Samsung’s new flagship device was an early priority.

Back in February Fitbit added support for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II, and to be totally honest, it surprised all Fitbit owners. The application is a pleasure to use, allowing you to track your latest steps and calories, view your sleeping statistics, check out how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed in a day and try your weight and body fat.

If you’re unaware of the Fitbit application, or the purpose of Fitbit – be sure to check out the application description below, taken directly from their application page on the Play Store.

The Fitbit Android App allows you to track food, activity, weight, water, sleep and see the big picture of how your daily choices affect your health. The Fitbit Android App is best when used with one of the Fitbit activity tracking devices (Classic, Ultra, Zip and One) or the Aria Body Comp Scale, but can also be used all on its own.

If you’re a Fitbit user, I would recommend updating your application, by hitting the source link below – trust me, it’s worth it!