AT&T Blocking Google Hangout Video Chats On Its Mobile Network


Google Hangouts was revealed last week at I/O, and ever since it’s been a huge success. However, now it looks like AT&T are going to rain on Google’s parade by blocking video chat on its mobile network — just like it did with FaceTime on the iPhone.

Google Hangouts is a cross-platform instant messaging service that allows users to chat via text and video. Hangouts brings group conversations and one-on-one conversations to life, with the help of photo sharing, video calling and emoji’s.

You can connect with friends, family or colleagues across computers, Android and iOS devices, simultaneously.

However, if you’re trying to video chat whilst connected to AT&T’s network, you may encounter some problems. According to AT&T, video chat will work on their network, as long as it’s not an application that is preloaded onto a device — so it’s up to developers to tailor their applications to work on AT&T’s network.

If this is the case… Why doesn’t Hangouts work on the network, if it has to be downloaded from the Play Store? Google Talk came as a preloaded application on most Android devices, so if its successor has to be downloaded manually, surely it should work on AT&T’s network?

So for the time being, Google Hangout video chats will not work via AT&T’s mobile network – but be sure to check back and we’ll keep you updated if AT&T decide to change their mind on the situation.