Fandango Claims 71 Percent Of Star Trek: Into Darkness Ticket Sales, 32 Percent From Mobile Users

Guys, where did *you* get your tickets?

Guys, where did *you* get your tickets?

Seriously, have you gotten your tickets, yet? Star Trek: Into Darkness is coming this weekend, and it looks like the entire US is heading tot he theater to see it, en masse.

Fandango is having a good run of it, claiming that 71 percent of the pre-release ticket sales are coming through it’s very convenient service, with 32 percent of that traffic coming via mobile apps.

Further, they just told me that 15 percent of the mobile ticket sales through the Fandango app are coming from iPhone users, while 6 percent are coming from the Android mobile app.

What’s more is that if you purchase your tickets via Fandango (at least the website, we’re checking on whether this is true for mobile Fandango users), you’ll get a free copy of the 2009 Star Trek film. Wait, 2009?! That is a lot longer ago than I remembered.

Regardless, it’s great to see Fandango doing so well as a service. I can still remember trying to print my tickets at home, finding out I had no ink in the printer, and then going to the ticket window, anyway. I really don’t ever want to not use my iPhone to purchase tickets and get into a film again.

Are you going to Star Trek: Into Darkness this weekend? Have you already bought tickets? Via Fandango? Mobile?

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