Google Now Is Getting Way More Powerful And Siri-Like

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Google Now was already pretty awesome, but now it’s getting even better on both iOS and Android. And it’s coming to the desktop as part of Google’s Knowledge Graph.

On the Google Now front, we’re about to see a lot more cards, in cluding cards for reminders, music albums, TV shows, public transit, books and video games. For reminders, you can actually set them in Google Now by voice, and in fact, Google Now will also be able to send emails via voice, or give you more information on what’s going on with your Google data just with a request.

Even more interestingly, though, but Chrome on both the PC and Chrome OS are getting conversational search, a la Siri. You don’t even have to trigger the mic: just lean back and say, “Google, how tall do you have to be to ride the Great Dipper?” and Chrome will give you the answer.

It’s all pretty impressive, and frankly blows Siri’s lameness out of the water. Even better, Google Now and presumably the new Chrome conversational seach stuff will be coming to iOS. Take that!