Google Beats Apple To The Punch, Announces Streaming Subscription Service For Google Play


Ahead of Apple’s rumored iRadio WWDC announcement, Google has announced a new subscription music service, Google Play Music All Access.

Built atop Google’s music store, Google Play Music All Access will allow users to stream all of the millions of tracks already available. Want to buy it permanently? It’s just a click way.

One thing that Google is making a big deal about is their discovery and recommendation engine. Google Play Music All Access will recommend music and tracks based upon your likes and past listens. There’s also radio stations, like in Pandora or Rdio.

Perhaps the biggest thing setting Google apart from the likes of Spotify and Rdio is that is consolidates your paid for music library and those available for streaming into one huge searchable library. No one else has anything else like that, although services like Rdio try to pretend to host your collection in the cloud by scanning your iTunes library.

Google Play Mussic All Access will cost $9.99, with a 30-day trial. Start a trial by June 30th, and your mothly fee will be just $7.99.

Sounds like whatever iRadio is, Apple will have to do a lot to beat what was announced here today.