T-Mobile Rolls Out First Galaxy S4 Update


Yesterday evening, T-Mobile announced their first update for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The update will be rolled out instantly via OTA and over Samsung’s desktop application, Kies.

The updated version (M919UVUAMDL), includes improvements for visual-voicemail and the ISIS application. The purpose of the improvements for the visual-voicemail is to optimize the performance of the system and brush out any bugs that may occur when retrieving a voicemail.

For those readers who are unaware if ISIS, it’s basically a Google Wallet competitor. ISIS have recently announced that they have begun partnering with VeriFone, Equinox, Ingenico and ViVOtech – the purpose of this is to provide compatible equiptment for the mobile banking application. Straight off the mark, ISIS will be available to use all over the world, thanks to the compatibility with all of the systems listed above, all of these companies have agreed to work with ISIS on getting the hardware up to scratch.

Final UploadIf you would like to find out more about the update, be sure to hit the source link below.