ASUS Fonepad Update 3.1.16 Rolling Out Now


If you were one of the people who purchased the ASUS 7-inch Fonepad, an update is on its way to your device right now! Don’t get too excited — the update is mostly about optimization and a few bug fixes — but it should make a difference to the speed and stability of your device.

The 3.1.16 update brings bug fixes for high quality game execution, for example Space Hunter and NBA 2K13. The update also brings APN modification for carriers, allowing the Fonepad device to be used on more networks.

Some Fonepad users have been complaining that the power drains very quickly when playing music, so ASUS has brought you a fix – once you have updated, you should noticed a decrease in power consumption when playing back music.

The final feature in the 3.1.16 update brings is fine-tuning and optimization to the system performance, after all, you can never have a system that’s too smooth!

It’s great to see ASUS updating its devices and making them as good as they can possibly be — a big thumbs up to them! If you wish to see the full change log, taken directly from the company’s website, be sure to look below.


  • Bug fixes for game execution.
  • APN modification for carriers.
  • Optimized power consumption for music playing.
  • System performance fine-tuning.

For those users who prefer to flash your devices yourself, ASUS has made the full ROM available for TW, JP and WW builds. If you wish to find out more information, or download the full ROM, be sure to hit the source link below.