Google Has Been Working On Its Own Smart Watch At The Same Time As Google Glass


Google Glass has been getting a lot of attention recently for it’s futuristic take on wearable computing. Apple’s iWatch has got people intrigued, but it turns out that Google has been working on a watch of its own, just incase Google Glass is a little bit too weird for people.

Patents filed by Google in 2011 show that the company has been working on a wearable wrist computer. The Google Watch concept describes two touchpads on a wristband that work intandem to undertand gestures like Google has on the Google Glass pad.

What’s interesting about the Google Watch filings is that they were sent to the U.S. Patents Office on the same day as a batch of Google Glass patents. It sounds like Google’s Design Team has been working on a number of different wearable computer ideas, with Glass being the most prominent project to date.

Apple has been rumored to be working on an iWatch that will compete with Google Glass on the wearable tech front. Samsung and Sony are also planning smart watches this year, but its not clear how ambition their products will be.

Google Glass is expected to be released by the end of the year, but might get delayed into early 2014. What Google plans to do with it’s watch patents at this time isn’t clear. Who knows, maybe Google plans to use a watch as a controller for Google Glass, a secondary screen, or as a cheaper supplementary product, or all three.