Weebly Mobile Application Comes To Android!


If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular blog and website platform, Weebly – and now the developers have released an official Weebly application for Android. The application brings site management, statistics, posting capability and push notifications for comments, form entries and site errors.

Weebly for Android allows the user to create a blog with a powerful drag and drop creator, create new blog posts whilst on the go, easily publish photos to blog posts, receive push notifications for blog comments and form entries, instantly respond to comments and form entires, check site statistics from anywhere and share new blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks with one click.


Weebly’s reviews in the Play Store aren’t all positive, after reading through the comments it becomes apparent that users are disappointed with the application as it’s solely designed for blogging, with little support for website owners. Many current Weebly users, use the service for small businesses and web-stores, but the features that are necessary to manage those operations on-the-go, are still missing from the application.

Unfortunately, the application does not support a tablet interface – if you download the Weebly application on an Android tablet, you will notice that the application remains the same as it does on a smartphone, however it appears to be slightly stretched and certain aspects of the application are unclear. Considering the year-old iOS application has been around for a while, and it is still missing custom support for the iPad, Android users shouldn’t hold their breath for large-screen layouts on tablet devices.

If you’re a Weebly user and want to give the app a try, be sure to hit the source link below, to download your free copy of the application.