Swype Is Finally Out Of Beta And Ready For Primetime


There are a few options for keyboards on Android, buy Swype has been one of the most popular over the last few years. Now, it’s finally ready to get out of beta and into primetime.

The developers of Swype, Nuance, announced today that they are dropping the “beta” tag from Swype with the latest version 1.5 update. Swype 1.5 doesn’t really have any big new features, other than a little UI polishing and better Dragon Mobile Assistant tie-ins, but Nuance is going to start charging for it.

You can pick up Swype from Google Play right now for $1, which is a decent deal considering the next best Android keyboard, SwiftKey, runs for $3.

If you’re cheap and just want to download the beta version for free you can still do that, but Nuance says the $1 price tag is for a limited time only, so you might as well just splurge and buy it for a buck now.