Consumer Version Of Google Glass Is ‘Probably A Year-ish Away,’ Says Eric Schmidt


The future of computing might be in wearable computers like Google Glass and the rumored Apple iWatch, but you’re still going to have to wait before getting to try them out.

Google has never commented on a launch date for Google Glass, but Eric Schmidt says it’s not that far away. In an interview for BBC Radio 4’s “World at One” today, Schmidt says that he thinks the consumer version of Google Glass is “probably a year-ish away.”

Even though consumers will be shut out from using Google’s futuristic glasses, Schmidt said that you can expect to see Google Glass in the wild pretty soon. The first developers for Google Glass just received the “Explorer Edition” of Glass that was on sale at last year’s Google I/O conference.

Google had a contest earlier this year on Twitter and Google+ to award people with the opportunity to buy Google Glass in advance for $1,500. Google has previously stated that Google Glass will be available to the public by the end of the year for less than $1,500, so maybe Schmidt was speaking without direct knowledge on the project as he’s been busy with other projects at Google. However, you can always snatch up a pair of Google Glass now from eBay for the cool price of $90k.