SwiftKey Infographic Announces Some Fascinating Stats [Image]


SwiftKey recently released a fascinating infographic, showing the typing style of SwitKey users worldwide. The infographic consists of information such as: themes, languages, share rate, usage and typing style. Be sure to read on to find out more!

Some SwiftKey users may be aware that the application collects data when you are typing; this data is primarily collected for the company itself — so that it can improve things — and is a procedure you agree to, after downloading and installing SwiftKey.

Incase you didn’t already know, all of the data is anonymous and doesn’t contain anything you typed — only the typing style you administer. The collected data is then converted into statistics, some of which you’ll see in the infographic below.


The infographic displays a lot of fascinating statistics when combined with the explanations on SwiftKey’s official website. For example, the USA has the most SwiftKey users — according to Google Play 42% of users are in the States. Mexico has the most active typists, each entering 2,650 characters per day, compared to an average of 1,794 throughout the rest of the world.

Denmark is home to the most efficient typists, their average efficiency is 37%, compared to a 34% overall – this is because 6.7% of all Danish users use SwiftKey prediction, one in 15 of their words is chosen without typing a single letter. SwiftKey users in India love Flow the most, 84% of all Indian users have SwiftKey Flow turned on – quite an achievement if you ask me!

Users in Mexico are the most likely to change their SwiftKey theme, with 73% choosing one other than the default ‘Cobalt theme. Norweigian users are the complete opposite, 60% of users stay with the default Cobalt theme – on average 53% of users change their themes and 47% stick with the default.

According to the Infographic and information on SwiftKey’s website, Indonesia are the most colourful – they are the top users for the Pumpkin theme, Neon theme, Dark theme and Berry theme. Users in Russia are the biggest fans of the Holo theme, whereas users in Vietnam prefer the Light theme, in addition to sharing their statistics the most and Irish users are the biggest users of the Fuchsia theme.

Users in Greece are the most likely to have two or more languages enabled on their SwiftKey keyboard, with 60% of all Greek users having 2 or more languages enabled, compares to the 21% overall. Greek users are also the sloppiest typist, the SwiftKey application automatically corrects 10% of all characters typed by Greek users, compared to the 8% overall.

It’s fairly unusual for application developers to share their statistics, that’s why most users are fascinated by the sheer popularity of SwiftKey all over the world – it’s not surprising considering how SwiftKey is the stock keyboard on many Android devices. If you wish to find out more information, be sure to hit the source link below.