Samsung To Ship 10 Million Galaxy S4 Devices Within The First Month


Samsung plans to release its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S4, around the end of April in 50 countries, and it has been predicted that shipments within the first month will be close to 10 million units.

Multiple sources predict that within the first month of launch, 10 million units will be sold. We deem this as a perfectly feasible estimation as the Galaxy S4 has an extremely high demand all over the world, due to its top of the range hardware and software. Sources also predicted that within the three months of the initial launch 30 million units would have been sold.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 5-inch HD super AMOLED display, a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. The device measures 136.6mm in length, 69.8 in width and will only be 7.9mm thick. Those specifications make the huge demand for such a device — which succeeds the already successful Galaxy S III — completely plausible.

Reliable sources within the component providers have announced that Samsung has a tight leash over production, as the South Korean company provides the main components such as processors, memory etc.

Samsung has put aside a marketing budget of $140 million to ensure that the buzz about the Galaxy S4 is created globally — and that’s exactly what it’s done, with advertising techniques such as holding the Unboxed Event in Times Square, ads during the Super Bowl, and multiple billboard placements worldwide.

It’s pretty obvious that Samsung is very confident with the Galaxy S4 and knows that it has a winner on its hands.