Google Search For Mobile Devices Updated


If you’re a mobile internet user, I’m sure you are familiar with Google’s Search feature. Google Search can be accessed via a mobile devices web browser or the dedicated application. Google have recently updated Search for the mobile web browser – the update brings two great new features, if you want to find out more… Be sure to read on!

The update implements a new feature which allows the user to find top box office movies in a more efficient manner by bypassing the Rotten Tomatoes homepage. The update allows the user to access a quick link for the ‘In Theatres’ category based on your current location – this information is displayed beneath the Rotten Tomatoes link on your mobile device.

The second new feature is the implementation of Quick View for mobile devices. Quick View enables the user to preview a website without actually opening the webpage, this is particularly useful if you are scanning a large amount of websites for a specific piece of information.

At this procise moment in time Quick View functionality is only available for the English version of Wikipedia, however it has been reported that functionality will expand shortly.