iHome Ends The Bluetooth Speaker Drought With Four New Models


iHome iBT24


Yeah, that’s a bit of sarcasm up there in the hed; there’s obviously no lack of choice regarding Bluetooth speakers. This year’s CES exploded with Bluetooth, and it doesn’t seem a day goes by that a manufacturer doesn’t release another model.

iHome is more about, well, more; so instead of releasing one, they’ve released four.

Three of the colorful Bluetooth boxes are available now: The bare-bones, cube-like iBT16 ($50), the double-speakered iBT24 ($80) and the FM-radio-equipped iBT4 ($100). All three are rechargeable and slathered in rubber.

The final member of the quartet is the iBT44, the as-yet unavailable flagship of the group. It’ll combine all the goodness of the junior models — colorful rubber exterior, a rechargeable battery and an FM tuner — but with four speakers (a pair each of 4″ woofers and 1″ tweeters) and whole slew of bells and whistles: USB charging for your devices, five-band graphic equalizer and a magnetic remote. Yum. Available by the end of spring for $200.