Relive Your Grand Theft Auto Memories With These Official Playlists From Rockstar Games

You should be dancin', yeah.

You should be dancin’, yeah.

I’m sitting here bobbin’ my head to these fresh playlists, straight outta Liberty City, Chinatown, Vice City, and other locations in Rockstar’s flagship series of games, Grand Theft Auto.

I’m not playing the games through, either. All the songs are set up in Spotify and iTunes by Rockstar itself, from the radio stations in the GTA series, including Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City and more.

Rockstar put together official playlists on both Spotify and iTunes, giving you the ability to listen as a streaming list of tunes, or go ahead and start buying them up on iTunes in anticipation of the upcoming installment, Grand Theft Auto 5.

Some music may not be available on Spotify, or on iTunes, as each service has its own licensing agreements with the original labels that put the music out in the first place.

And, if you act now, you can even listen to all the commercials from the stations as well. Just head over to the Advertising Council page at Rockstar and listen to all those hilarious, satirical ads in between playlist sessions.

So, whether your taste runs to East Coast hip-hop, Eastern European pop, or rare disco classics, you’ll find something to enjoy here, even if you didn’t play through all of the games. GTA III was the first in the series to include licensed tracks in the car radios, Vice City is all about the 80s tunes, and Chinatown has a ton of instrumental tracks that just reinforce the themes of loss and redemption from that game, as well.