Teens Still Greasily Covet iPhone, But Find Android Tablets Increasingly “Fetch”


Piper Jaffray has once again asked the teenage blight upon our fair nation to stop popping pimples and sexting for a second to tell them what gadgets they want to buy next year. And, duh, it’s the iPhone.

According to the survey, 91% of 5200 teens surveyed says that they want their next high-tech device purchase to be a smartphone, which is up from 86% a year ago.

Of those 91% of teens, 59% said that they wanted their next smartphone to be an iPhone, with only 21% saying they planned on going Android. In addition, 48% of all teens were found to already own an iPhone, compared to just 40% last fall. However, only 62% of all teens planned on buying an iPhone for their next mobile device, which is the same as it was a year ago.

Android showed a small increase in popularity: 23% of all teens said they planned on buying an Android smartphone, from 22% last fall. As for tablets, the iPad is still king, with 68% of tablet-toting teens owning ones. However, Android’s catching up in the tablet space: that number’s down from 72%.