Tumblr Redesigns Android App With New Post Anything Screen

We're not saying *which* interests, mind you.

We’re not saying *which* interests, mind you.

The Tumblr app for Android devices got an update today that’s more of a visual redesign than anything else. The app has a new Post Anything screen that will let you post photos, videos, quotes, chats, links, and text, all with a single tap from a single screen. This changes things from the previous design, in which you had to post each type of item from its own screen, similar to the web interface.

You’ll still be able to find and follow other Tumblr blogs from the Dashboard, but the new update also offers some advanced controls to save drafts, queue posts, and customize Tweets for your Tumblr posts. You can also view and reply to messages, and find Tumblr users from your Android phone’s address book. Tumblr will still let you manage all your Tumblr blogs from the same Dashboard, of course.

Tumblr is free and the update is available in the Google Play store immediately.