Google Search Update Brings Package Tracking, Improvements


Google Search received an update earlier this week, bringing users new features such as package tracking, rapid feedback, and settings information on cards. Google has also redesigned the display of cards in the notification center — prior to this update the cards stood out a bit like a sore thumb, but now they blend in elegantly.

The Google cards now have an ‘info’ symbol in the upper right-hand corner, which you can tap to display relevant settings to the individual card.

Google also implemented a new feature which allows you to track your packages. At the moment you can only track packages by selected carriers, but hopefully this will change soon.

The tracking feature works by providing you with a card with the details of the location of your shipment. When your package is first shipped you will recieve a notification entitled “Your package has shipped”, once you see this notification, you can begin to track your package.

Google has also tweaked the settings of Google Search to allow a speedier response time. The main purpose of the update was to improve the speed of searching the web, and that’s exactly what Google has done. I don’t think I’ve ever used a mobile search feature that’s been quite so fast!

Google Search is still only available for devices running Android 4.1+, if you own a device that runs Android 4.1 or higher, be sure to update your Google Search application – you can do this by hitting the source link below.