Samsung Actually Outspends Apple On Advertising By 400% [Chart]


It’s no secret that Samsung outspends Apple on advertising by a huge margin. Whether those ads are crap or strokes of genius, of course, is a matter of opinion. But dollar for dollar, the truth is clear: Samsung has to spend more money to get its smartphones noticed than Apple does.

This chart by the always fascinating Horace Dediu of Asymco but the disparacy in perspective. Comparing sales, general and administrative expenses for both Apple and Samsung, Dediu discovered that Samsung doesn’t outspend Apple on ads by three-to-one, as has been previously reported. No, Samsung spends four times as much on advertising as Apple does.

Imagine how intimidating these numbers must look to smaller Android makers, like HTC. If Samsung has to spend this much money to compete with the iPhone, how much do you have to spend to compete with Samsung?