Google-Owned Quickoffice Comes To Android, iPhone, For Business Users

quickoffice for enterprise

Acquired by Google last June and updated last October, Quickoffice for iPad is a great solution for iPad owners to work with Office files, especially ones that aren’t supported in Google Docs.

Today, the company announced that its bringing the app to Android, as well as a version to the iPhone. The app will let anyone edit Office documents on any mobile device, via Google’s own Drive system, something that wasn’t possible until now.

In a Google Enterprise blog post, Quickoffice Product Manager Mark Beaton explains how users will be able to find, open and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files from Google Drive directly within the Quickoffice app on Android, and from the Google Drive app on iPad and iPhone.

In addition to bringing Quickoffice to new devices, it’s also now easier to find and use your Drive files from within the Quickoffice app. Sign in with your Google Apps for Business account and your Drive folders view will now include Shared With Me, Starred, Recent and any subfolders.

If you have a Google Apps for Business account, you can get the apps for free on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. All other folks are encouraged to purchase Quickoffice Pro or the HD version in either app store.