Backup Your Music, Photos & Files With 100GB Of Online Storage For Just $29 [Deals]


You have to be a fool not to backup your computer. Your hard drive is full of precious photos, home movies, files, and documents that you may never get back if your hard drive fails or your computer is lost or stolen. But don’t just backup to another hard drive that has the same chance of dying as the one inside your PC — backup to the cloud instead.

With 100GB of storage in the cloud for just $29 from SOS Online Backup, you can store everything that’s important to you online, ensuring that it’s still there for you if anything happens to your computer or your external hard drives. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s always there — no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

Just like a traditional hard drive backup solution, SOS Online Backup provides you with an automatic backup solution that pretty much runs itself — all you need is an Internet connection. But unlike a traditional solution, you can backup more than one device. In fact, SOS Online Backup lets you backup up to five PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices.

The accompanying application has a handy selection wizard that lets you quickly choose which files on your computer you’d like to backup, and those files are stored forever — even if you update them or accidentally delete them. So if you need to access an older report, or a photo you accidentally deleted, SOS Online Backup has you covered.

SOS Online Backup also allows you to share the files you have stored in the cloud with your friends and family, and you can access your files from anywhere, at anytime. So if you need a file you backed up on your home PC, you can log into your cloud at work and download it.

You can get 100GB of SOS Online Backup storage for three years for just $29 now thanks to Cult of Android deals — just hit the button below and start backing up your files to the cloud.