Pandora Update Brings Lockscreen Controls & A Few Visual Tweaks


The popular radio application Pandora received a nifty update on Android this week, bringing a number of new features including lock screen controls. This is something the application had been lacking for a long time, and it previously made changing tracks an issue as you had to unlock your device and enter the Pandora application.

In addition to the implementation of lockscreen controls, some minor visual tweaks have been included. The visual tweaks were created to enhance the playback display; there are a simple set of controls consisting of play/pause and next/previous track, along with a clear background displaying the current song’s album artwork.

Inside the notification center you’ll be able to see the elapsed time of the track, in addition to the remaining time — this is all neatly displayed with a simple progress bar.

Pandora claims that the update optimizes the performance of the app by improving startup time and fixing some bugs which caused the application to spontaneously crash

If you would like to download the updated version of Pandora, be sure to hit the source link below, which will take you directly to the Play Store.