Amazon’s Cloud Drive Adds File Sync, Auto-Upload For Photos

cloud drive photos

Amazon updated its Cloud Drive app for Android today with the ability to sync files directly to desktop computers from Android devices, bringing true cross platform capabilities to this Dropbox and Google Drive competitor.

Now, just like the other services, changes made on any of the Cloud Drive-enabled devices will be reflected on all other enabled devices, whether Mac, PC, or Android.

“The updated app makes it simple for users to put files in Cloud Drive and to access them from any of their computers, ensuring that they always have access to the latest version of their files from home and on the road,” said Amazon via a statement.

You get 5Gb of storage for free on Amazon’s Cloud Drive service, with upgrades available for as much as one terabyte of data for about $500 per year, making this a less expensive option than that offered by Dropbox.

The update also brings with it automatic uploading of photos, much like Dropbox or Apple’s Photo Stream services offer. WHen you take a picture or screenshot on an Amazon Cloud Drive-enabled device, like your Android phone, the photo will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, accessible with any of the Cloud Drive apps, desktop or Android. You can also upload photos one at a time, and disable the auto-upload, if you wish.