SwiftKey Joins In On The April Fools’ Action With SwiftKey Tilt! [Video]


No company wants to be left out of the April Fools’ action, so today the popular keyboard application developer SwiftKey has announced its latest application, ‘SwiftKey Tilt’. This new keyboard application is designed to offer a ‘body typing experience’, it works by guiding a pinball across the screen of your phone to spell out words, whilst moving your body – hilarious stuff!

Earlier today, SwiftKey posted a video on their official YouTube channel, showing off the features of SwiftKey Tilt, in addition to a detailed description of the application, this description can be seen below, together with the official YouTube video – the video clearly demonstrates the features of SwiftKey Tilt, in addition to a full office demonstration of how you look when using SwiftKey Tilt:

1 April, 2013 — SwiftKey today unveils SwiftKey Tilt, the future of smartphone typing. The revolutionary new input method transforms the everyday activity of typing into a whole-body, immersive experience. SwiftKey Tilt makes it possible to text loved ones, email colleagues and type soliloquies without even touching the screen; just rock, wiggle or shimmy your smartphone to insert words in a truly innovative way. Drawing on SwiftKey’s mind-reading word prediction ability, SwiftKey Tilt is the most significant typing innovation since the quill.

SwiftKey Tilt works by unleashing a pinball into the keyboard to power a third, exciting way to type on your device. While tapping or flowing words, the device accelerometer sends the brightly colored ball across the keyboard and when it collides with a prediction, the word is inserted.

According to SwiftKey, the new typing application is available today for all SwiftKey users inquisitive enough to find it, will you be among the people to find it? Let us know in the comments below.