Best Buy Plans To Setup Samsung Stores-Within-A-Store For Galaxy S4 Launch


For the last two years, Best Buy stores across the country have hosted a mini Apple Store within a store to bring more attention to Apple’s iMacs and MacBooks. As a point of solace from the barrage of tablets, desktop PCs, and laptops in Best Buys busy stores, the little Apple Stores give customers more time and space to play with Apple’s PC products, so Samsung has decided to take a similar approach with their mobile products.

To kick off the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Best Buy plans to setup a Samsung store-within-a-store in some of its highest traffic stores. Rather than hawking PC products, the Samsung store-within-a-store will focus on Samsung’s mobile offerings. reports that the new Samsung display areas will be located in the mobile department of Best Buy stores. To make room for the huge displays, participating Best Buy locations will soon receive instructions to remove two aisles next to their mobile department to make room and install the Samsung store.

Along with the large Samsung displays, Best Buy’s mobile department employees will receive special training on Samsung’s products so they can better show off Samsung-specific features and boost sales.

The first wave of new stores should pop up just in time for the launch of the Galaxy S4, which is expected to be the star of the display. Other items in the Samsung store will include tablets and other Samsung smartphones. A second wave of redesigns should hit all other Best Buy stores by the end of the year.