App for Martian Watches Unlocks More Promised Potential Like Camera Mode, Twitter Mentions



Hold the phone! Or, rather — don’t. Martian Watch models see much of its promised potential unlocked With the launch today of iOS and Android apps, just ahead of their estimated ship date(s).

The app finally adds two major features to the watches — remote camera control and social media updates — along with a few smaller ones.

Camera Mode allows one of the buttons on a Martian Watch to be used as a remote shutter button, with an optional two-second countdown. The other big update means that the watches will now display Twitter mentions, direct messages on Facebook, emails and calendar alerts on the watches’ small OLED display.

We knew these features were coming — they’d already been promised by Martian Watches, some even since the outfit’s Kickstarter page went live last year.

The app also adds a few convenience features, like being able to set watch vibration levels and activate the find-my-phone function from the watch.

Martian Watch models range from $250 to $300. The Martian Watch site lists ship date for all models as “April/May 2013.”