Rock Out With The BOOMBOT2 Bluetooth Speaker, Now With 30% Off [Deals]


The best way to listen to all the music you have stored on your smartphone or tablet is to stream it to a wireless Bluetooth speaker. With the BOOMBOT2 from BoomBotix, you can enjoy your music pretty much anywhere — whether you’re going on vacation, taking a trip to the beach, or just popping to the park for a picnic.

It’s completely water resistant, so it’s great for chilling out next to the pool, and it syncs with any Bluetooth-connected device. The BOOMBOT2 also has a clip so you can attach it to your bag, your bike, your belt, or your pocket. What’s more, with Cult of Android deals you can get it for just $49 — that’s 30% off — for a limited time.

The BOOMBOT2 is built for adventurers, which is why BoomBotix made it waterproof. It has a ruggedized shell that promises to withstand any lifestyle, so no matter how badly bruised it gets inside your backpack, it’ll continue to sound great when you need it to.

It’s also impressively loud, you you’ll be able to hear it while you’re cycling, skating, or hiking in the rain. The best thing about the BOOMBOT2, however, is its SoundHub technology. When you’re at home, you can plug BOOMBOT2 into your home stereo system to add Bluetooth connectivity, so you can enjoy your music on your existing entertainment system.


The speaker comes in Purplex Purple and Gunmetal Grey, and you’ll be able to choose which one you want. The deal is available to customers within the United States, and it’s valid for the next 8 days — so don’t want around. Get the BOOMBOT2 now for $49 + $9.25 shipping and save yourself $21. Just hit the button below.