bCoda Ships Schizophrenic Bluetooth Speaker, Media Streaming USB-Key for Android



If you haven’t heard of South Korea-based bCoda before, that’s OK — neither had we before we got this press release about their first pair of stateside products.

The Bluetooth-equipped CODA One looks like a phone handset, and it sort of functions the same way — only it’s cordless. If you’re juggling lattes, you can also set it down on your desk and use it as a hands-free speakerphone. Bells and whistles include noise-reduction and echo-cancellation, a large battery with a meaty 20 hours of talk time and the ability to pair with up to eight devices.

The JAK looks less sexy; it’s just a simple USB key. But plug the device into a speaker, TV, Blu-ray player or pretty much any display or audio device equipped with a USB port, and the JAK will stream hi-def video (that’s right, 1080p) or audio to that device from your Android tablet or phone. The JAK is a Bluetooth 3.0 device, but is also backward-compatible with earlier versions of USB.

as well as noise reduction and echo cancellation features. It can be paired with up to eight other Bluetooth devices and has a talk time of up to 20 hours.

The CODA One is $100, while the JAK is $70. It looks like they’re available only from NewEgg.