Jabra Ships Wired/less Headphones Engineered to Withstand the Next Nuclear Holocaust


Are they for UFC fighters who want to listen to music while they’re actually throwing punches in the ring? For talk-radio listeners who get violent when they hear opinions they don’t agree with? Or just for clumsy goofs who’re always destroying their headphones (you know who you are). Whatever the reason for the over-engineered Jabra Revos existence, the headphones ship today.

The Revos come in two flavors. The conventional wired version is $199; or for $50 more, you can get the Bluetooth version. We stopped by the Jabra booth at CES where the Jabra people suggested we have our way with the ‘phones; we did our worst, and the Revos just laughed.

Also shipping is the $99 Vox, Jabra’s semi-burly IEM with Dolby ingredients.

jabra-revo-wireless-1 jabra-vox-1