Here’s How The Galaxy S4 Compares In Size To The iPhone 5


Martin Hajek — a designer who specializes these days in mocking up rumored Apple products with a greater or lesser degree of accuracy — has turned his talents to a new arena: mocking up how the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S4 measures up, size-wize, to the iPhone 5.

In short, the Galaxy S4 is bigger, thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5, but not by much.

What it really all comes down to is how you mostly use your phone. For those of us, like me, who primarily use their iPhones as a sort of mobile communication device and a pocketable camera, being able to use it one-handed is key.

If you mostly use your phone like a tablet, though, the Galaxy S4’s bigger screen has a lot going for it.


Just as one more note, when I checked out the Galaxy S4 at the official Samsung launch event, I pulled out my iPhone 5 and put them side by side. I feel like Hajek’s renders here over-emphasize the thickness of the S4 just a tad and makes the tapering at the edges a little too subtle: in reality, most people would probably think the S4 is thinner than the iPhone 5 at first glance, because the edges taper so much.