Google To Combine Its Messaging Services And Call It “Babble” [Rumor]


Google is rumored to be unifying all of its existing messaging services under one umbrella called “Babble,” according to a report from The upcoming service will reportedly unify Google Talk, Voice, Messenger, Drive, and the Google+ version of Talk, and Hangouts under one roof.

Although the name itself seems a little ridiculous, Babble sounds like a step in the right direction for Google.

According to’s report:

Babble continues Google’s trend towards organization by conversation. You can share photos in chat windows just like you would in G+ Messenger, start a Hangout with anyone in your contact list, and the conversations are threaded across all the existing services. Moving forward, the individual services will all be pushed onto the single platform, and you’ll be able to use the same chat window across all of Google’s products with the same features available everywhere. It’s not so much releasing a new product as it is pulling together all of the existing products under a single branding.

As a company, Google puts out services that work well on their own, but sometimes don’t integrate with existing products very well. Instead of the open chat protocol Google has been using, Babble will likely be a service controlled entirely in-house. It sounds like Google’s answer to iMessage, Apple’s chat service that is integrated into most of its products. says to expect Babble’s unveiling at Google I/O in May. If the report is true, then we’ll probably see Babble debut in the next version of Android.