Fandango Premieres Its First Weekly Show On Mobile, Desktop, With “Weekend Ticket”

What are you gonna see?

What are you gonna see?

The weekends are for movies, right? Personally, I’m going to flock to Oz The Great and Powerful at an IMAX theater this weekend, along with a billion other people, no doubt. Fandango wants to be a part of that weekend rush, and possibly get your $2 per ticket convenience fee, with it’s new mobile and online movie preview show, Weekend Ticket, available now on iOS and Android mobile devices, and the website.

The video, easily accessible from the front splash page of the mobile app as well as the Fandango website, is hosted by Dave Karger, who is apparently Fandango’s Chief Correspondent. Weekend Ticket will talk new releases for the weekend, and show off the hot movies coming to screens near you. It will also directly connect you to Fandango ticketing, which then will bring in that convenience fee. There’s also some data, called, I kid you not, Fanticipation, around advance sales, traffic, and social media to inform the Weekend Ticket, which will most likely be similar to most other upcoming movie info – full of the hype that gets us all to head to the theaters, whether warranted or not.

He seems so...excited!

He seems so…excited!

“We hope our new show will help filmgoers discover new movies,” says Karger, in a press release. “Whether it’s the perfect date night movie or the right film to see with the kids, ‘Weekend Ticket’ will offer weekly recommendations for new releases tailored to film fans’ interests.”

The show will also have celebrity interviews with the actors involved in the upcoming movies, like Steve Carell, who gets his moment with Fandango’s correspondent. You can almost see him grimace from the start. Other guests, like Paul Rudd, Josh Duhamel, and Paul Walker, are scheduled for future episodes.

This isn’t Fandango’s first original video series, as “The Frontrunners,” a show about movie awards, released just last awards season. “Weekend Ticket,” then, is Fandango’s first ongoing, weekly series for mobile devices.

You can grab Fandango’s mobile app in the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store for free to see what all the hubbub is about.